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Strong week for Sterling but for how long

27 January 2017
Ashley Finill
This week has been very eventful on the currency market, and as a result, Sterling made considerable gains on its main competitors. Sterling clawed back over 2 cents on both the Euro and the Dollar.

Improvements for the Pound

26 January 2017
Grace Rae
Following the Supreme Court ruling on Tuesday that Brexit plans must go to a Parliament vote before they can go ahead has allowed the Pound to make some small gains and as the day progressed we saw the Pound gain almost a cent against the Euro throughout the trading day.

Supreme Court Rules

25 January 2017
Simon Eastman
Yesterday we had the long-awaited ruling from the Supreme Court over whether the Brexit plans must go to a vote in Parliament.

Supreme Court set to rule on Article 50

24 January 2017
Tom Arnold
Finally, the day has dawned where we will find out the judgement of the Supreme Court on the government’s appeal against the High Court ruling that parliament needs to be consulted before Article 50 can be triggered to begin the process of exiting the EU. The ruling is a critical decision for the UK economy as a whole, and specifically the Pound.

US Dollar corrects as Trump becomes POTUS

23 January 2017
Rob Bastin
Last week provided some key events for the markets to digest and with it came the expected volatility in exchange rates. Theresa May and Brexit took focus at the beginning of the week as the Prime Minister outlined her 12 point plan for negotiations, most notably prioritising control over our borders and immigration over access to the single market, while also confirming that the final plan will be put to the vote in parliament. The pound enjoyed its biggest daily gain against the Euro and USD in well over a decade, but unfortunately, these gains only recovered the losses from the previous week.

UK Supreme Court to issue Brexit decision on January 24th

19 January 2017
Sandeep Dugg
Britain's Supreme Court will issue its decision on whether UK Prime Minister Theresa May needs to consult the parliament before invoking Article 50, which then would begin the formal process of ending UK's membership with the European Union.

May sticking to hard Brexit

18 January 2017
Ashley Finill
Yesterday Theresa May finally addressed the nation on the UK’s decision to leave the EU, bringing clarity on the governments intended Brexit plan.
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