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A strong finish for the GBP

28 February 2014
Jak May
As the month comes to a close we look to see if sterling will stay buoyant like in recent days or could we see some profit taking from investors closing positions? Thursday was a mixed bag for the pound as with no data in the UK it was left to data releases elsewhere around the world to direct movement.

Retail Sales to compliment UK GDP figures today.

26 February 2014
Tom Arnold
Yesterday saw the Pound make some limited gains against most currencies following some positive mortgage approval figures, and so the recent run of poor form for Sterling appeared to for now be slightly alleviated.

Eurozone inflation due today.

24 February 2014
Matthew Boyle
It would seem at least in the short term that the pound has begun to falter following weeks and indeed months of good data releases.

Peaks And Troughs

21 February 2014
Simon Eastman
Sterling had a choppy trading day on Thursday, trading in peaks and troughs against most major currencies. With a lack of data it was left to investor sentiment to run things and data from elsewhere.

Unemployment falls – but caution holds back GBP

20 February 2014
Robin Haynes
Yesterday’s UK unemployment figures showed a drop to 2.34m people – a rate of 7.2%. But the Office of National Statistics said that the recent trend of improvements in unemployment appeared to be slowing slightly.

Bank of England minutes today

19 February 2014
Tom Arnold
Today is expected to be a very busy day on the markets with much data due out that is likely to have quite an impact on all of the major currency pairings...

Inflation figures expected

18 February 2014
Rob Bastin
Monday’s economic calendar was absent of any key releases for any of the major currencies and so it was technicalities and sentiment that drove any movement in the exchange rates. Over the weekend the pound had reached new highs against the Euro and the US Dollar, with buying levels at the best we have seen since January 2013 and November 2009 respectively.
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