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Pound continues downward trend

26 February 2016
Ashley Finill
It has been an extremely turbulent week for the pound and a telling one for what’s to come in the next few months. Sterling’s downfall commenced last weekend when the EU referendum was..

Sterling drop picks up pace

25 February 2016
Rob Bastin
Wednesday’s trading offered no data releases in the morning for the UK or Euro-zone, with just US Services PMI announced in the afternoon. Markets had been expecting a growth figure of 53.5 but actual results disappointed..

Boris deals GBP blow as Brexit backed.

23 February 2016
Matthew Boyle
Yesterday was not dominated by data but rather by Boris Johnson as he delivered a crushing blow to both Cameron and the E.U stating that he would support a Brexit. As a result the pound saw a severe...

EU referendum driving the Pound down

22 February 2016
Ashley Finill
Although last week’s trading halted at 5pm on Friday afternoon it did not stop the markets reacting to the current situation regarding the EU referendum. David Cameron addressed the nation on Saturday evening..

Positive vibes on an EU deal help the Pound

19 February 2016
Tom Arnold
Yesterday saw a significant jump up in strength for the Pound as the European Council summit got underway and negotiations over the deal which may see the UK stay in the EU reached a head.

The calm before the storm

18 February 2016
Simon Eastman
Wednesday was a good day for the pound as inflation came out as expected at 0.3 percent. This was despite various variations of retail and consumer price indices being announced, many of which came in wildly under..

UK inflation takes centre stage

16 February 2016
Rob Bastin
This week’s trading began on a quieter note with the USA on a bank holiday yesterday. There was also no key data to affect exchange rates so a continuation of Friday’s movements...
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