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Quiet week for the Pound, I think not

29 May 2013
Matthew Boyle
Albeit this week is a relatively quiet on in terms of data releases for the pound don’t think that the GBP rates are unlikely to be affected. Today sees some important data out of Europe with German unemployment figures and consumer price index both released.

Spring back

28 May 2013
Paul Newfield
The early part of this week has seen and will see very little major data released largely due to Spring bank holiday in the UK and memorial day in the US. This morning the only data in the Euro-zone has seen the Swiss trade balance come in worse than expected at CHF 1728B, although employment levels have come in higher than at this stage last year up to 4.152m from 4.116m.

Dollar strength continues

24 May 2013
Tom Arnold
A strong push towards the end of the day sees a four and a half year high against the Yen at the end of trading. Notably the juggling of currencies in the Asia-Pacific region has held a successful record for the USD, which has become more expensive to buy over the last couple of weeks.

Bleak outlook for Sterling

23 May 2013
Tom Arnold
Tuesday’s inflation figures provided the Bank of England with the necessary breathing space to increase their QE policy by a further 25bn over the coming months.

Calm before the storm?

22 May 2013
Matthew Boyle
Yesterday was relatively quiet in the way of major data releases, and as such no large movements or swings were seen within the markets as many anticipated today.

Quiet day, busy week for currency markets

20 May 2013
Robin Haynes

Last week was a quiet one in currency markets, particularly for GBP-EUR which saw movement of less than a cent through the whole week. The notable exception was the US Dollar, which continued to strengthen, on the back of continued expectations of the end of the US equivalent of Quantitative Easing.
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