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In Out In Out The Polls are all about

31 May 2016
Grace Rae
Last week the Pound ended Friday’s European trading day close to where it started as rates continued to stay at the best levels we have seen in close to 4 months. Aided mostly by two Brexit Polls, one by IPOS MORI and another by the Telegraph. The polls showed a strong percentage lead for “in” campaign, boosting the pounds momentum and causing the pound to currently trade at 4 month high against the Euro and a month high on the Dollar.

Slow Growth halts Sterling rally

27 May 2016
Rob Bastin
The pound has enjoyed a fantastic couple of weeks against the majors following a string of optimistic polls indicating that the vote to stay in the EU next month has developed a bigger lead over the vote to leave.

Pound excelling from EU referendum polls

26 May 2016
Ashley Finill
The pound carried on its powerful surge yesterday and continued making significant gains across the board. Sterling managed to gain over a cent on the Euro throughout the day, EU referendum polls are being released from various news outlets and with them being in favour with the UK to stay in the EU sentiment is staying with the Pound.

Polls see GBP surge again

25 May 2016
Matthew Boyle
Yesterday was another strong day for the pound as a poll for the telegraph showed a 13 percent lead for the “in” campaign, and that critically the demographic the Brexit campaign had relied on (pensioners, men and Tories) had been returning to the “in” camp”.

Gains for GBP see best Euro and USD buying rates for 3 months

23 May 2016
Matthew Boyle
Last week was a busy week with GBP making considerable gains across the board in what was a few days of almost a perfect storm. It was following an Ipso Mori poll on Wednesday showing the biggest show for an “in” vote that started the swing and GBP gains.

Pound rally continues

20 May 2016
Grace Rae
Yesterday we saw a continuation in the pounds recent rally following Wednesdays IPSOS MORI poll on the EU referendum voting. The stay vote was leading at 55 percent, while the Leave vote was down at 37 percent, making the biggest difference..

UK inflation disappoints

18 May 2016
Rob Bastin
After an extremely quiet phase in the currency markets, this week promised to re-ignite the volatility levels with a string of major economic releases for the UK. The markets have been consolidating recently with an..

Crucial day for the Pound

17 May 2016
Ashley Finill
Today could be the a pivotal day in the currency markets as significant data is due to be released which could break the current market state of sideway trading. This past week or so the markets have been fairly stagnant and trading within a...
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