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Sterling corrects on profit taking

30 June 2016
Rob Bastin
During yesterday’s trading both UK stocks and the pound were able to continue some recoveries following the drastic drop last week. Sterling gained around..

Further turmoil for currency markets

28 June 2016
Robin Haynes
The boss has resigned despite a weak opposition, the value of Sterling has fallen, and we are heading out of Europe – the England football team have delivered a perfect sporting reply to add to the political and economic chaos we are seeing at home.

Referendum aftermath

27 June 2016
Rob Bastin
After one of the biggest decision in the history of our country was finalised last week, the aftermath of the vote to leave the EU carries only one certainty, and that is uncertainty.

What happens Brext

24 June 2016
Grace Rae
The most important referendum in modern British history is over. The results are out and the United Kingdom has voted to leave and remove our membership from the European Union despite the most recent opinion polls of yesterday suggesting a remain vote.

Are EU in or are EU out

23 June 2016
Matthew Boyle
Since the end of last year we have seen rates for buying currency from the pound suffer, notably dropping from over 1.40 against the single currency ahead of the uncertainty that Britain may leave the E.U.

Sterling rallies on Remain poll swing

21 June 2016
Tom Arnold
Monday saw a dramatic swing back in the favour of the Pound across the board against most of the majorly traded worldwide currencies. The rate for buying Euros was two cents..

Referendum week is upon us

20 June 2016
Robin Haynes
Well, this is it – we have arrived at the week of the referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the EU. The nation goes to the polls on Thursday to make the biggest political and economic decision in a generation – and the financial..

EU referendum driving the markets

17 June 2016
Ashley Finill
With the decision to stay in the EU or leave now only a few days away and continues to dominate the headlines with market remaining very much sentiment driven. Sterling’s volatile movements against its competitors, carries on being..
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