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Federal Reserve on course for 2016 rate hike

28 July 2016
Rob Bastin
As July draws towards its business end, the currency markets have been far more stable and calm than has been seen in previous weeks. The post referendum volatility has died down and the markets...

FOMC takes centre stage

27 July 2016
Tom Arnold
As we have seen for some time now, the Pound remains stuck in a fairly tight range against most of the world’s major currencies. The immediate weakness post the referendum has been realised, a certain amount of stability is in place thanks to...

A day of calm for currency markets

26 July 2016
Robin Haynes
Yesterday saw one of the least volatile days for the Pound in months, as we saw exchange rates fluctuating by only 0.4c and 0.5c for the Pound against the Euro and US Dollar respectively.

Is the UK heading for a recession

25 July 2016
Grace Rae
Last week we saw the rates stay quite stagnant with not a lot of momentous market movements. However, this all changed on Friday morning when the Pound took a dive after data showed a post brexit slump. The drop in rates was a result of UK Markit Services and Manufacturing PMI figures for July which contracted quite significantly worse than expected. The Markit's purchasing managers index for July came in at 47.7, down from 52.1. The lowest reading since April 2009. GBP/EUR fell by 90pips and GBP/USD fell by more than a cent in value almost immediately.

Unemployment critical for the Pound

20 July 2016
Tom Arnold
Now that the furore over Brexit has temporarily taken something of a backseat, the markets are back to watching the normal range of economic stats and data releases that come out each day to see the direction the major currencies are likely to take.

Quiet markets ahead of UK data

19 July 2016
Rob Bastin
Monday’s trading was very quiet with the pound trading within small ranges against most currencies. Very small gains were made against the Euro and Dollar but as seen last week the recovery momentum has well and truly run out..
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