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US Growth better than expected

28 August 2015
Rob Bastin
After a turbulent start to the week, the dust is gradually settling in the currency markets with key data taking focus once again. The USD has gradually been fighting back from its lows on Monday as investors continue to look for a safe haven investment in these uncertain times, whilst also speculating on the possibility of a rate hike in September.

US Dollar back to the fore

27 August 2015
Tom Arnold
The week so far has been tumultuous to say the least with big moves across all of the major currencies as a direct result of the Greek bailout agreement last week and the Chinese Black Monday this week. The Euro has been the big winner, with firstly the Greek bailout giving it a boost and then secondly a raft of investors exiting the Dollar over the Chinese crisis, with their investment going into the now resurgent Euro. This caused a six cent dip in GBPEUR and four cent drop in USDEUR.

Busy day on markets as China has effect

26 August 2015
Matthew Boyle
Yesterday was a particularly busy day on the market following the recent monster gains made by the Euro. In the mornings trading interestingly the Euro lost ground against both GBP and USD despite German IFO business climate data coming in better than expected.

Crazy Day on the Markets

25 August 2015
Robin Haynes
Yesterday was supposed to be a quiet day for exchange rates, with virtually no important data releases scheduled, but in a reminder of how world events can affect the market, we saw one of the most volatile days in recent memory – which is saying something given the turmoil we have seen for much of this year.

Here comes the Euro

24 August 2015
Tom Arnold
Last week was a game changer on the markets with the Pound and the Dollar finally being forced out of the centre stage to make way for the Euro.

Pound tumbles against Euro

21 August 2015
Robin Haynes
Yesterday we saw the Pound fall over 1.5% against the Euro, as the Greek Prime Minister announced a snap election and UK retail sales figures came out slightly lower than forecast.

Dollar weakens post lower than anticipated inflation figure

20 August 2015
Tom Arnold
This week has thrown us a couple of surprises from two of the best performing economies and both came in the form of inflation figures. First UK inflation came in higher than expected, and then yesterday US inflation came in lower than expected. Neither figure was wildly different to that which had been forecast - both only 0.1% out - but critically they were both different to those forecasts and even more critically the surprises were against the previous trends.

UK inflation on the rise

19 August 2015
Rob Bastin
After a tough time last week, the pound found some much needed support yesterday following the release of the latest inflation figures for the UK. Inflation is very open at the moment following recent forward guidance from Mark Carney, with the markets very much expecting a return to the 2% target level in the next couple of years.

Greek deal edges closer concerns over German vote and IMF involvement

18 August 2015
Matthew Boyle
Yesterday was a fairly quiet start to the week with little data of note. The main news of the day was the mornings Eurozone trade balance data released which showed a positive increase during the month of June to €21.9B Euros from a predicted €19.3B. As a result the Euro strengthened following this gaining just under a cent against GBP, whilst against the USD it remained a little more stagnant.
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