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Busy end to the month UK economy in focus

30 September 2015
Tom Arnold
The story so far this week has been one of limited data, leaving the market following current trends in the absence of anything major to digest. As a result the Pound has continued to struggle following its recent poor performance, with Euro and Dollar rates touching lows not seen since spring of this year. This is a great relief for anyone looking to sell Euros and Dollars, and buy Pounds, but not so good for those with Sterling in hand looking to send money abroad.

Pound falls further

29 September 2015
Robin Haynes
Sterling fell further yesterday, as a lack of economic data at home, along with further fears in Asian markets overnight, gave little support to the ailing Pound.

End of month Market Overview

28 September 2015
Rob Bastin
Last week was another bad week for the pound with heavy losses taken against all major currencies, including some of the weakest currencies such as the Aussie Dollar that even managed to make small gains against sterling. With an absence of any data, the negative trend and sentiment drove the pounds value to a level where we are now seeing the lowest buying levels against the Euro and US Dollar in the last 5-6 months.

US Dollar gains in value after Yellen speech

25 September 2015
Robin Haynes
The US Dollar spent most of yesterday increasing in price, as the evening speech by Federal Reserve Chairman, Janet Yellen, confirmed that US interest rate rises are still likely before the end of 2015.

Euro continues strength despite downbeat ECB

24 September 2015
Rob Bastin
As we move towards the back end of the month, much of the key data announcements have already passed and so most sterling markets are relatively stable within recent ranges. With no releases for the UK yesterday the pound lost ground against all major currencies, with the negative trend and sentiment driving exchange rate movements. Small gains were however seen against the Aussie and Kiwi Dollar that remain very weak for the time being.

Markets start moving again Euro loses out

22 September 2015
Tom Arnold
Yesterday was a surprising day on the markets with a quite dramatic and sudden shift in rates seen for the first time in a few weeks. All three of the major currencies – Dollar, Euro and Sterling – had been bouncing around in quite tight ranges for a few weeks now, with last Thursday’s Fed interest rate decision supposed to be the big potential mover on the markets. When the Fed announced a hold in rates, the market collectively let out it’s held breath and did, virtually nothing.

Dust settles after FED decision

21 September 2015
Matthew Boyle
Last week’s major news was that the FED decided to hold interest rates amidst speculation of a potential rise. Given this is such a huge decision and one which had it changed would have affected the entire market, much of last week was stagnant with relatively little movement in rates as traders seemed to remain largely on the fence prior to Thursday nights decision.

Market focuses on FED decision

18 September 2015
Matthew Boyle
Yesterday was a fairly busy day on the market with data released from the 3 majors, the Pound, Euro and Dollar. In the morning the main news was that UK retail sales slowed slightly in the month of August and as a result the Pound lost ground in the morning session – around 0.75 of a cent against the Euro and 0.5 cents against the Dollar.

Will They Wont They The Fed Meets Tonight

17 September 2015
Simon Eastman
Wednesdays trade was a welcome show of positivity for the pound as investors were buoyed towards sterling following the better than expected unemployment figures. Average earnings improved more than expected to 2.9 percent compared to 2.5 percent and the unemployment rate dropped last month to 5.5 percent, when markets were expecting no change from the previous month.
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