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Hint at FED hike sees rates surge.

30 October 2015
Matthew Boyle
It has been a busy week so far with big movements seen across the board particularly in the major currency pairings involving GBP, EUR and USD.

UK GDP downgrade expected today

27 October 2015
Rob Bastin
After a turbulent finish to last week, this week began with a much expected breather as rates consolidated within small ranges ahead of further key announcements that lie ahead. Both GBP/EUR and GBP/USD traded within a half a cent range with an absence of important UK data to cause any larger movements.

Focus on ECB

22 October 2015
Matthew Boyle
Yesterday was a fairly non eventful day on the market. As such rates across the board and significantly across the majors remained stagnant and flat throughout the day...

Sterling Suffers After Positive Start

21 October 2015
Simon Eastman
Tuesday we had another day of little data released to help investors decide which currency to back. The pound benefited on Monday and made some decent gains, with GBP/EUR posting the best levels in nearly a month.

Australian Dollar gains value after RBA Minutes

20 October 2015
Robin Haynes
The Aussie Dollar strengthened overnight after the Reserve Bank minutes showed that its board were not close to cutting interest rates, which remain at 2%. Despite concerns over the property market, it appears that Australian interest rates are now stable, having been at 2% for 5 months, and as a result the Australian Dollar has stopped falling against the Pound.

UK focus on Retail Sales this week

19 October 2015
Rob Bastin
Last weeks’ trading finished on a quiet note with exchange rates largely consolidating within a small range after bigger movements seen earlier in the week.
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