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UK GDP growth but pound fails to strive

28 October 2016
Ashley Finill
The UK economy was handed some much needed positive news yesterday with the Q3 UK GDP reading coming out 0.2% better than excepted. The GDP figure showed 0.5% growth in the UK which was the first...

Pound sneaks back up

27 October 2016
Robin Haynes
Yesterday was a quiet day for data in the UK and Europe, and sterling took advantage to post some modest gains against the Euro (+0.4c) and US Dollar (+0.6c) through the day’s trading.

Pound hit lowest level since Flash Crash

26 October 2016
Grace Rae
Since the ‘flash crash’ earlier in the month, we have seen the pound bounce up and down over time with the size of that bounce becoming smaller and smaller as time goes on and has...

Has Sterlings steam run out already

25 October 2016
Rob Bastin
Yesterday was a particularly flat day in the currency markets with most major pairs trading within small ranges. Sterling had a quiet day with no releases to help boost its value, so...

A good week for Sterling but for how long

21 October 2016
Ashley Finill
This week Sterling has been given a much needed boost to recover from the disastrous few weeks it has had in the currency market, since Brexit has been given a firm date in March for when the UK will...

Sterling enjoys light relief

20 October 2016
Simon Eastman
For those with sterling making an overseas transfer, the prospect of making the transfer has been fairly daunting of late as rates plummeted down to 5 year lows.

Bank of England will not support the Pound

18 October 2016
Robin Haynes
Deputy Bank of England Governor Ben Broadbent yesterday used a radio interview to state that the recent fall in exchange rates has been an important “shock absorber” for the UK’s economy, in the wake of...
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