Brexit Shambles: New-Deal or No-Deal?

22 January, 2019

Bradly Ronan

Brexit Watch

On the current topic of Brexit and any updates which can and likely will affect your budget on your overseas money transfers.

MPs are scrambling to put forward plans to change the direction May is taking Brexit following next weeks vote on the amended deal. Theresa May said on Monday that she was keen on altering the backstop that could end up leaving a Hard Boarder in Ireland. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said that May was in denial about how many oppose her deal. They currently are trying to put in place a deal which would avoid a “No-Deal” outcome.

There is a vote due on the 29th of January which will see the modified version of May’s Deal. Lots of uncertain times coming ahead of this vote so make sure you stay in contact with your account manager to be kept in the loop of any potential updates to stay ahead of the curb and combat of any sudden movement. If you want to avoid the risk of any big drops then you can always take advantage of our forward contracts and book a currency transfer ahead of time securing you with a rate without the risk of any further drops.

News and market updates

Average earnings out at 9:30 currently at 3.2% growth expected to rise to 3.3%.

New Zealand are releasing their CPI at the end of today expecting to be bullish, jumping from a current 0.4% up to 0.9%. New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has voice her concerns over reaching a deal as “A Priority” with New Zealand once the UK has left the EU, also showing support to Theresa May quoted by saying “Theresa May is a woman of remarkable resilience” but refused to give her views over the current political situation.