Dust settles across the markets

30 December, 2013

Matthew Boyle

As the dust settles after what Currency Index hopes has been a Merry Christmas for you all, we now start to look forward and prepare for the New Year.

Indeed the currency markets remain as quiet at present as the roads do, with very little indeed in the way of market data. As such markets are likely to remain relatively stagnant and range bound until Friday when we see the first release on any note in the way or Eurozone CPI – strangely the only data release of major note this week.

That said without doubt as preparations begin for New Years Eve, and many begin to think about what resolutions they might make we will see a busy start to New Years trading. So whilst at present it is relatively quiet no doubt this is the quiet before the storm, and as January starts we will continue to see the market battle – US debt crisis, current pound strength and Eurozone recovery all in the mix.

So should any of you have upcoming transfers to make, you might like to speak to your Currency Index broker today. We can offer friendly and professional guidance and help you stay well informed and well ahead of the markets.