EU Trade Talks Intensify

26 October, 2020

Ashley Finill

This week could be a pivotal point for the ongoing EU trade talks as negotiations look to intensify. As reported by London Reuters this weekend, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier has extended his stay in London until Wednesday to try and finally get a deal over the line as there had been a spike of optimism during talks last week between both parties. Only a couple of weeks ago a deal all looked dead in the water with the prime minister Boris Johnson telling the nation to prepare for a no-deal Brexit. This was met with a tornado of dismay throughout the media, however this could have been somewhat of a bluff as the attitude seemingly quickly changed in regards to a trade deal getting finalised with following reports last week that talks are progressing well. So with negotiations continuing this week it is likely we will see volatility in the market during this time with media leaks on how the talks are coming along.

The US Election

With the US election result on 1 week away we could see an unsettled market leading up the 3rd of November. With Coronavirus gripping the country and the President Donal Trump earlier this month there has been little in the way of debates from what would usually talk place during an election. The first debate which took place has been somewhat of a slagging match between Donald trump and his rival Joe Biden. That being said Joe Biden is the front runner in the polls but as we saw in the last election with Hilary Clint vs Donal Trump polls can tell a different story with Hillary at the time way ahead before the result was announced. There is an expectation that this could be an historic ballot count with a record amount of voters in the states.