Little economic data due ready for the Christmas period

23 December, 2013

Tom Arnold

As you would expect, there is not much in the way of key economic data due out this week, with most of the world currently kicked back and awaiting arrival of Santa and his sleigh.

We have a few tit bits today, mainly from the US, including personal consumption and expenditure figures, but nothing of any real note. Tomorrow gives us French GDP, UK mortgage approvals, US mortgage approvals and some other assorted pieces of small time US data.

In the absence of much to talk about, please make sure if you do have a currency requirement over this festive period to stay in close touch with your CI account manager and enjoy a little CI poem:

We save our clients money when they make a currency exchange, and our service is so professional our clients never change. At this festive time when we all await Santa and his reindeer, we stay on the ball and make sure our advice stays crystal clear. We would love to help a client in search of Pine trees and snow, looking for a ski property and wanting to keep costs low. Our rates are very good and our service is very nice, And it won’t be long before they’re skiing fast along the ice.

We want to talk to companies who buy up all their stock, from far and wide around the world rather than round the block. The invoices they have to pay will be in foreign money, and the price and service from their bank won’t be very funny. Whether they import tinsel, clothes, electrics, tyres or food, forgetting to mention Currency Index would be simply rude.

So over the Christmas period, do your friends a favour, and recommend our service, so we can be their money saviour.

Merry Christmas from all at Currency Index!