No Christmas Cheer for Pound

28 July, 2011


The Pound sank to another historic low against the Euro today, buying just €1.0210 on commercial markets.

Weak house price data and unemployment figures showed that there is no sign of any improvement for the British economy. Instead of cashing in equity from property values, Brits are now focussing on paying back their mortgages, instead of spending on cars, overseas property and other big items, figures from the Bank of England showed.

For exchange rates, more bad news for UK PLC means investor confidence in the Pound is at its lowest for years. If you’re sending money to America, a Pound buys just $1.4670 and if you’re emigrating to Australia, each Pound gets only $2.10, compared to $2.40 a few weeks ago.

Even at the best exchange rates available through specialist foreign exchange companies, buyers of Euros are doing well to get much more than €1 for £1.

Trading is thin between Christmas and new year, so volatility is more pronounced than usual, so make sure you contact Currency Index to keep in touch with the latest news.