No, no, no, yes?

19 August, 2019

Bradly Ronan

With the Brexit train going full steam ahead towards a No-Deal it seems all last minutes efforts to halt this is met with a grizzling defeat as seen with a few attempts in recent times.

Last week we saw Jeremy Corbyn attempt to round up support to be placed in as a temporary caretaker PM. But this was met with more nays then Yay’s. The SNP said they have had well-received conversations with the labour leader saying there are working out a plan to block a No-Deal. But with the whispers of support deafened by the no’s with even arch Remainers in the lib-Dems failing to support him. Maybe this is because the Lib Dem leader, Jo Swinson, wants her slice of the pie. Asking for supporters if she attempts to fill the spot. Swinson has since been asking to come to an “alternative” arrangement with Mr Corbyn to seek a solution to the doomsday that would be the 31st of October without them.

Gove spoke about a leaked document we saw not so long ago explaining the details of the outcome of Brexit. But as Gove mentioned this was the “worst case scenario”. But with the final point of that document being the pound to euro rate being at its worst point in history what do you think the likelihood for the pound will be? Not the best. If you have a currency requirement any time soon, or within the coming months why take the chance? Gambling on such an uncertain time could cost you thousands.

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We see a slow start to a busy week with lots of data out of the UK and US.

Monday is a quiet one

GBP Average Earnings Index release

AUD Wage Price Index

GBP Retail Sales m/m
USD Core Retail Sales m/m
USD philly Fed Manufacturing Index
USD Retail sales m/m

Friday nothing notable.