You can use our Regular Payment Plan for the best value when sending smaller transfers abroad on a regular or repetitive basis.

Currency Index can process these payments automatically, whether for your monthly mortgage payment, transfer of a pension overseas, or ad-hoc maintenance for your overseas property.

Our exchange rate is guaranteed to be within 2c of the mid-market rate at the time of transfer – meaning great value for you, no form-filling for each payment, and no need to remember to make payments to us if you set up a standing order.

There are no charges for payments £500 or more. Payments of under £500 will be subject to a £5 transfer charge per payment.

Example Savings

Sending £1,000 per month to a Spanish bank account with Currency Index’s Regular Payment Plan will give you around €479 per year more than with a typical high street bank. Plus, if you set up a standing order to us, there is nothing for you to do each month; payments will arrive with Currency Index and be automatically transferred to your chosen overseas account each time we receive funds from you.

If you prefer, you can make ad hoc payments as and when needed, without needing to tell us each time; and, as there is no contract to sign and no minimum commitment, you can start, stop or change your payment dates or amounts, whenever you like.

Setting up your Regular Payment Plan

Setting up your payments is simple. Call us on 0800 043 2623 or fill in the form below, for more information.

Using our dedicated Regular Payments client account, and your client reference, you can set up a standing order or ad-hoc payments on your online banking platform. Inform your dedicated Currency Consultant of your chosen beneficiary account, and we will link the two so that any payments arriving in our Regular Payments account, will be transferred automatically.


Regular Payments account: Currency Index Ltd
Sort Code 20-46-14 | Account 30474924

Payments are processed on the first working day of each month, and then on every Wednesday. So whatever funds we have received on those days, will be exchanged and transferred. You will receive a proof of payment by email for each transfer.

Further Details

Please contact your Currency Consultant on 0800 043 2623 (or +44 1923 725725) for more details and to set up your payments. Please note that payments cannot be split or sent to different beneficiaries using Regular Payments, and any funds received into the above bank account will be automatically exchanged and transferred according to the procedure above. This offer applies to GBP to EUR payments only, sent to SEPA zone bank accounts, and is subject to acceptance and internal compliance approval for all payments.

Find Out More

If you'd like more information on Regular Payments, complete this form and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements during business hours.

  • Hassle-free, fee-free payments to your nominated Euro account
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Market leading exchange rates
  • FCA Authorised Payments Institution
  • Free, no obligation discussion of your requirements
  • Founded in 2008

More about Currency Index

What are your charges and commissions?

We don't charge anything for payments sent using our Regular Payment Plan, unless your transfer is for under £500, in which case a £5 charge applies. We also guarantee no charges at the receiving bank, so the full amount we transfer will arrive in your designated Euro account.

Why should I choose Currency Index?

You will be dealing with one of the most decorated currency brokers in the UK, as a multi-award winning firm with an exceptional record of client service. These are crucial when moving sums of money around the world - and our rates are excellent too.

Can I start, stop and change my payments?

Yes, as we simply exchange and send whatever arrives from you, you can start, stop or change your payments whenever you like, and there's no need to tell us.

What if I need to send to different accounts, or have a one-off requirement?

In this case you should contact your dedicated currency consultant as normal, and arrange your transfer(s) through our normal service. The Regular Payment Plan is only for automatic payments to one dedicated Euro account.

How the service works