Guide to Sending Money to the Czech Republic

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send money to Czech Republic

Czech money transfers

Send money to Czech Republic with Currency Index - it's fast, easy and secure, and you can save up to 4% on the exchange rate alone, compared to your bank or other providers. Contact us using the form below if you would like more information on our service, or you can register with us to set up a trading facility today.

Currencies usually accepted: Czech Koruna (CZK) or Euro (EUR)

Typical money transfer time to Czech Republic: next day (Czech Koruna) or same day (Euro or other major currencies)

Transfer charge: FREE if sending over £30,000, otherwise £12 per TT payment (CZK or same-day Euro) or £7 per SEPA payment (next-day Euro)

czech bank details

Czech payment instructions

Payment details needed for Swiss money transfers:

  • Name of Beneficiary (and address if you have it)
  • Name of Czech Bank (and address if you have it)
  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number):
  • BIC (Bank Identifier Code) or SWIFT code

The IBAN includes various codes, like your branch and account numbers, and is the standard system for sending cross-border payments across Europe.  Czech IBANs have 24 characters, starting with 'CZ' followed by 22 characters, and can usually be found on your bank statement or other paperwork, along with your BIC or SWIFT code.

If you are paying a third party (eg, lawyer, supplier, other individual) you can forward on the invoice or paperwork you have been sent, and the payments team at Currency Index will take care of the rest, without you needing to fill in endless forms.

Questions on sending money to Czech Republic

How are Czech IBANs made up?

A total of 24 digits, made up as follows:

CZkk bbbb ssss sscc cccc cccc

CZ = country code for Czech Republic

b = national bank code

s = account number prefix

c = account number

k = check digits

How are Czech BIC / SWIFT codes made up?

8 or 11 characters, made up as follows:


CZ = country code for Czech Republic

B = Bank Code (Only Letters)
L = Location Code (Letters & Digits)
D = Branch Code (Optional; 'XXX' for Head Office - Letters & Digits)

Can you provide proof of payment?

Yes, once we have sent payment on your behalf, we can issue an International Payment Receipt, giving proof of the transferred amount and beneficiary. This service is free for payments over £10,000, otherwise a £5 charge would apply.

Is there a minimum or maximum transfer amount?

Generally, Currency Index's service is only efficient for payments to the Czech Republic of over £1,000 equivalent. There is no maximum amount we can transfer on your behalf.

If you are still using your bank to send money to Czech Republic, try Currency Index instead and you will see a world of difference - not only a much cheaper service with better exchange rates, but super-fast transfers, clear explanations on rates, and the knowledge that you are dealing with regulated specialists in overseas money transfers.