Sterling to remain under pressure during Tory leadership battle

30 May, 2019

Grace Rae

With the ongoing Brexit saga and now a Tory leadership battle thrown into the mix, the overall outlook for the Pound in recent weeks and likely the next weeks/months to come is a bleak one. Our regular readers will know by now that political uncertainty isn’t favourable to the Pound and as Sterling continues to trade close to 4 month lows against the Euro and Dollar, potential for further downside is afoot.

Many clients have been calling in ask asking what is the forecast for Sterling once we have a new Prime minister? The short version or the ideal version for the pound would be a pro-deal PM, whoever which a rather large number of prospects throwing their names into the hat, the chance of a  no-deal backer shouldn’t be rules out and in that event its likely we could see Sterling take a hit. During the run up to this, its unlikely that we will see the Pound make any real recoveries so for the time being it seems the current levels are set to stay at least for the short term.

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