The final Sprint

15 July, 2019

Bradly Ronan

In the week ahead we see a slow start with nothing noticeable releasing on Monday. Tuesday we see some data released on the UK’s Average earnings in its 2nd quarter coming in flat staying the same as last quarter with 3.1% growth. Followed by this we have the Unemployment rate released, again, expected to stay flat with the previous month with a growth of 3.8%.

Later on Tuesday afternoon we have some data from the states on their retail sales and core retail sales. Following this release we see a talk from the Fed chairman Powell at the French G7 Presidency 2019 in Paris.

Wednesday morning we have the CPI released from the UK again being flat at 2% growth same as the previous reading. At the same time we have PPI input for month on month but this isn’t expected to have any noticeable impact.

Thursday we follow on late from the rest of the world and release our retail sales (following the release by USD, AUD, CNY followed by CAD tomorrow) which is expected to drop less by -0.3% following the drop of -0.5% as of the last release.

The Political race is still in the swing (in theory) with early polls calculating Boris has already won by a land slide. This has not always been correct and if wrong the markets will react very harshly so to stay ahead of the curve keep in touch with your account manager.

As tensions rise with the USA and Iran, the UK has taken a more peaceful approach with Hunt taking a very proactive search for a solution. On the other hand Boris has been quiet on the subject only mentioning the need to strengthen our bond with America. But how we strengthen our bond has not been mentioned.

With all this risk in the near future why wait for an inch when you can lose a mile. Why not take advantage of our many options available such as our forward options with just a 10% deposit we can buy the full amount of currency you require securing a rate now to mitigate the risk ahead.

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Is the wait worth the risk?