Three Strikes And Out

19 March, 2019

Bradly Ronan

Brexit Watch

Yesterday we saw some movement but overall ending half a cent down on the Euro. Following May’s grizzling defeat, losing by 149 votes means that’s the second time she’s failed to deliver her version of Brexit, but will she push for a third? John Bercow had yesterday ruled out another vote on May’s deal as the detail changes are so minor it’s as if it never changed. He has told the Commons yesterday that unless substantial changes are made then a third vote will NOT be on the table.

Today we should see another vote but this time depending on what angle we will tackle Article 50 and the future relationship with the EU. If an extension is agreed in the House of Commons it will then be put in the hands of the 27 EU countries. Will they be as kind to us?

This could see the GBP/EUR face some high swings depending which way votes are cast. But can you run the risk? Stay in touch with your currency broker to keep up to date on the live market and take advantage of any sudden jumps/drops.


At 9:30 AM we have data released regarding the average earning index which is expected to come in Around 3.2% down previously from 3.4%. Along with the AEI we will see key statistics regarding the unemployment rate expected to continue at the rate of 4%. But with the heat of Brexit, these are likely to be shadowed by the oncoming news later today.

Stay in touch with your currency broker to be one of the first to react to any movements. Who knows when it could be your last day to lock in rates as one bad vote could diminish your property budget.