Sending Money to Portugal

You can save time and money when you send payments to Portugal with Currency Index.

  • Our rates are up to 4% better than your bank
  • Our award-winning service will get your money transfer to Portugal efficiently and securely


The local currency is of course the Euro. You can visit our news section to get the latest currency market news and today's update on what is moving exchange rates at the moment.

Meanwhile, below is some useful information for sending money to Portugal. To find out more, complete your details on the form on this page and one of our friendly, professional currency brokers will contact you shortly. Alternatively you can register with us now to open a trading facility with no cost or obligation, or call us on 0800 043 2623 (+44 1923 725725 from abroad).

Exchange Rates for sending Euros to Portugal

Currency Index supplies commercial exchange rates for all money transfers to Portugal. You can send Euros using our service, or indeed any other currency, depending on your requirements. The rate we offer can be up to 4% better than your bank, so on a transfer of £50,000, you could save up to £2,000 compared to using your bank. Individual quotes are based on the live interbank rate and other market conditions - to contact us for a quote simply fill in the form on this page and we will be in touch.

You can also fix and guarantee your exchange rate up to 2 years ahead of the time you need to make your money transfer to Portugal. So if the rate is currently favourable, you can save even more by locking in now, to get a rate in the future which may be unavailable at the time - as well as fixing your price in sterling or whichever currency you are selling in the transaction.

Is there a minimum amount I can transfer? No - but our service is designed to save money on transfers to Portugal over £1,000, with no maximum amount. Will I know my exchange rate in advance? Yes - we agree a Euro exchange rate with you before you send us any money, and this forms a contract between us, so you are in complete control of the transaction which only proceeds if you instruct us to go ahead. How do I know my money is safe? We are FCA regulated in the UK as an Authorised Payment Institution, and operate safeguarded client accounts. How will I know my money has arrived in Portugal? We can advise you which day the receiving bank will receive funds, and provide an International Payment Receipt on request.

Currency Transfers to Portugal

Currencies usually accepted: Euro (EUR)

Typical time for transfer to arrive: 1 working day when sent through Currency Index. We can send transfers to Portugal on a same-day basis, if required.

Portuguese bank charges: Portuguese banks do not tend to charge to receive international payments in Euros. We can guarantee the amount you buy from us will be the amount received in Portugal, with no bank charges deducted, unless you specifically ask us to make a same-day transfer, although charges are still rare in this case.

Details you will need for sending money to Portugal

You will need to supply the following information to Currency Index for your transfer to Portugal, although we don't need it straight away.

  • Beneficiary name - the name of the individual or company you are paying; this could be your own name if you have a Portuguese bank account, or a property company or solicitor if you are buying property in Portugal for example.
  • Portuguese Bank name - the name of the local bank holding the account you are sending to
  • IBAN (25 digits beginning 'PT50') - this is the International Bank Account Number, which will be supplied by the beneficiary's bank
  • Swift code (8-11 characters) - like an international sort code, each bank in Portugal has its own Swift (or BIC) code identifying it in the international banking system 


To get an exact quote and use Currency Index's service and bank-beating exchange rates for sending money to Portugal, you will first of all need to register for a trading facility, which carries no cost or obligation.

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