Privacy Policy

Currency Index Ltd (CI) is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under the Data Protection Act 1998 for the secure handling of personal data, Registration Number Z1495263.
When you register as a potential client, you will need to submit certain personal details in order for us to process your application and offer our services to you.

We do not pass your personal details to any other parties, except for the below:

  • On registration with us, you (The Client) authorises CI to collect, use, store or otherwise process any personal information (‘Personal Information’) to enable CI and/or members of its group and/or the organisation which introduced or referred the Client to CI to provide and/or improve its services.
  • On registration with us, you authorise CI to use any Personal Information it holds to complete a free e-identity check through approved third-party providers, to comply with HMRC "Know your Client" rules. This is not a credit check, and will identify the Client to satisfy these rules in most cases. Such approved third-party providers will not use Personal Information for any other purposes than identity verification and reporting of the same to CI.
  • If you specifically ask us to introduce you to third parties who supply other products or services, we may do so, but will not do so otherwise.
  • Once registered, we will send you our weekly currency newsletter. You can request not to receive this, or easily unsubscribe at any time.
  • If requested to pass on personal and trading information to authorities such as HMRC, the police, the National Crime Agency, or any other government body for the prevention of crime in any jurisdiction, we may do so without notice.
  • CI may keep records of Personal Information and results of identity checks in accordance with all current and applicable laws.

Sensitive data will only be stored by us in the UK, in accordance with our IT Policy and ICO & FCA regulations. We will take care not to allow your sensitive data to be accessed. Our website uses secure forms, but remember anything you send us by email is by nature not secure and therefore sent at your own risk.

Our website may use Google Analytics cookies in order to anonymously track website usage and behaviour.

The Data Protection Act 1998 provides you with rights to access any information we may collect and store about you. If you wish to have access to this information it will be provided, in some cases subject to a small fee, used to cover our costs regarding the information you requested. If you wish to access this data please write to our trading address or email us.

We are happy to receive any queries, comments, or requests you may have regarding our Privacy Policy. Please use the following email to contact us: