How it Works

We are available to help clients save money for any currency transfers, offering Simplicity, Security and Savings. Currency Index is regulated by the FCA as an Authorised Payments Institution, which you can independently verify online, on the FCA's register of firms.

There are 3 easy steps to using the service:

  • Register for an account with us. This carries no cost or obligation, and will give you access to our great bank-beating exchange rates.
  • Request a quote. If you are happy with a rate we offer you, you can instruct us to secure it for you by phone or email, and that rate is then fixed for your transaction.
  • Settle the order. You send the selling currency to our client account, and we will transfer your buying currency at your instruction.

There are no passwords to remember, we don't pass your details to anyone else, and you will be assigned your own account manager to help you from start to finish.

The various products we offer for private clients are further explained below.

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Spot Contracts

The most common way to buy currency from us: agree a rate (by phone or email), send the 'selling' currency to our client account within a couple of working days, and we will transfer the 'buying' currency at your instruction. This could be a payment to your own bank account abroad, or a third party such as a solicitor for a property purchase.

  • Best available exchange rate in the market, for settlement within a couple of days
  • Quoted from the live market, with rates moving every few seconds
  • Secure your rate by phone or email with your Currency Index account manager, before sending us the 'selling' currency amount

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Forward Contracts

If you have a payment to make in the future, but are worried about rates moving against you, a Forward Contract could be just what you are looking for.

You can fix and thereby guarantee your exchange rate up to 2 years ahead; very handy if you are buying a property abroad and would like to have your cost fixed in sterling for example.

We can quote a rate for the currency you need, based on a date or a period of time when you want the currency to be sent in the future. If you are happy with the quote, you can ask us to fix the rate for you, and we would then ask for a deposit (typically 10% of the total), with the balance becoming due at the agreed time. Once settled, your 'buying' currency is sent at your instruction, at the rate originally agreed.

If you are buying or selling overseas property, this is a great tool to allow you to control your budget in Pounds, rather than leave the true cost down to luck in the currency markets - which can be expensive!

  • Minimum £10,000 order value
  • Fixed, guaranteed rate up to 2 years ahead
  • No additional charges
  • Options to draw down the 'buying' currency in part or in whole during the fixed period
  • Perfect for buying or selling overseas property
  • Secure your rate from the live market, by phone or email with your Currency Index account manager

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Stop Loss and Limit Orders

You can also specify a 'worst' or 'best' case exchange rate, by using 'stop loss' and 'limit' orders respectively.

If you have time on your side, and think that the market might improve to a particular target rate, you can place a 'limit' order, which will automatically buy your currency at that rate, should it become available. Limit orders are placed and monitored 24/7, so even if rates spike up overnight during American or Asian trading, your currency will be bought should the rate be achieved.

Conversely, if rates are good but you want to ensure that they don't fall below a certain level, you can place a 'stop loss' order to buy automatically in the case that the market were to move against you. That can protect a maximum budget for whatever you are buying overseas.

  • Minimum £10,000 order volume for both 'Stop Loss' or 'Limit' orders
  • Both are 'good till cancelled' - they will stay live unless you cancel them, or they 'fill' and your currency is bought
  • No charges or deposits required
  • You set the rates, but your Currency Index account manager can guide you

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Regular Payments

If you have an overseas mortgage, or a UK income to send abroad monthly, our Regular Payments solution could be for you.

You can simply set up a standing order, at whatever intervals you like, and we will automatically convert and send funds for you each time we receive a payment, at the prevailing rate. Because it's a standing order and not a direct debit, you can start and stop payments whenever you like, without any cost or penalty.

  • Flexible but automated service
  • No hassle - once set up your payments will arrive in your nominated account overseas automatically, but at better exchange rates than a bank will likely offer
  • Can also be used for repatriating overseas income to the UK or other cross-border regular payments

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More on our Personal Client Currency Services

What are your charges and commissions?

We don't charge a commission, as we make a small margin between the buy and sell rate for every order that is placed with us. So the exchange rate we quote, is the exchange rate you get.

There is a small charge of £7 for Eurozone (SEPA) payments or £12 for other currencies or same-day Euro payments, to cover our banking costs, but that is waived for all payments over £30,000 equivalent.

You do not have to pay anything to register for a trading facility or keep it open, and there is no obligation to use our service until you decide to.

Why should I choose Currency Index?

You will be dealing with one of the most decorated currency brokers in the UK, as a multi-award winning firm with an exceptional record of client service. These are crucial when moving sums of money around the world - and our rates are excellent too.

Is my money safe with a currency broker?

Currency Index has been trading since 2008. We operate Safeguarded and Segregated client accounts, in accordance with our regulations. You can see more information on our Regulatory Controls page.

Can you talk me through all the options?

Of course, we offer a personal service, with a dedicated account manager to help you as much or as little as you like, and ensure you have all the options to make the best decisions when it comes to buying and sending your foreign currency payments.

Find Out More

If you'd like an indicative quote for your transfer, or would like to discuss our service with a currency expert, complete the form and we'll be in touch very quickly. Our personal service is second to none, and we don't pass your details to anybody else.

  • Award-winning customer service
  • Market leading exchange rates
  • Regulated, banked and staffed in the UK
  • Free, no obligation discussion of your requirements
  • Founded in 2008

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