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Brexit deal to be done, or going, going, gone?

25 November, 2020

Matthew Boyle

This week on the markets has seemed stagnant with rates trading within very tight ranges for both main pairings of GBP/EUR and GBP/USD.  However far from the markets being stagnant in reality they in a state of deadlock – awaiting the impending outcome of the Brexit negotiations with pressure continuing to mount as the clock […]

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Sterling starts the week down from the highs of last week

16 November, 2020

Nakhil Mahra

Sterling starts the week down from the highs of last week but still better then where we were a month ago. The feel good and positivity still being felt in the market…for now. Brexit talks are back underway and seemingly both parties are now closer than ever before on reaching a deal, the major obstacle […]

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Votes are in – albeit still being counted, will Donald trump Joe?

4 November, 2020

Grace Smyth

This week sterling seems to be doing fairly well against its majors and yesterday we saw the rates break through key resistance levels against the Euro and Dollar providing some much needed relief for those with Sterling in hand looking to make an exchange. Gaining just over half an cent on the Euro and almost […]

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US election on Tuesday

2 November, 2020

Tom Arnold

Last week was a fairly innocuous week on the currency markets, with the major winner being the US Dollar, which managed to shrug off some of the negativity brought bout by election uncertainty and make some strong gains following the 33.1% improvement in its GDP. This was a record number for the US economy and […]

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Brexit talks continue

30 October, 2020

Rob Bastin

Thursday’s trading offered little in the way of new information for Sterling markets to go off, and continue to trade sideways against most major currencies. With rates at the top end of the trading range in recent days, yesterday saw losses across the board as traders refuse to commit to any over speculative positions whilst […]

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Brexit Talks at Critical Point

28 October, 2020

Matthew Boyle

Brexit talks are reaching a critical point as UK and EU teams are still seemingly at an impasse over an agreed trade deal with the clock ticking down. The EU team are currently in London until later today trying to find a solution, but it seems agreement over fishing rights are still the main point […]

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EU Trade Talks Intensify

26 October, 2020

Ashley Finill

This week could be a pivotal point for the ongoing EU trade talks as negotiations look to intensify. As reported by London Reuters this weekend, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier has extended his stay in London until Wednesday to try and finally get a deal over the line as there had been a spike of […]

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Positive Week for Sterling

23 October, 2020

Luke Dyson

With the rates having been in a range-bound market for the last few weeks we have finally seen the market given the stimulus it’s needed to break out. It has been a positive week for Sterling especially on Wednesday having the largest daily gain across Euro and Dollar since March 2020. This was following Barnier’s […]

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The Pound has dropped off by just under a cent against the Euro

21 October, 2020

This week has been a fairly quiet one on the currency markets, despite a busy week on both the pandemic and Brexit fronts. The Pound has dropped off by just under a cent against the Euro as a result of additional lockdown measures being introduced in the UK to combat Covid 19, coupled with some […]

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Boris Johnson to decide whether to walk or let the deadline pass

19 October, 2020

Maksim Tichonov

Boris Johnson to decide whether to walk or let the deadline pass, more volatility for GBP is expected. After Boris Johnson’s announcement, given the lack of progress made at the EU summit, British Prime Minister Johnson has stepped up his rhetoric by claiming the UK will not be able to make a decision in January. […]

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