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Sterling rally’s after Boris meets Merkel

23 August, 2019

Ashley Finill

This week there has been some respite for Sterling as we have seen the GBP/EUR rate climb to it’s highest point in just over 2 months. This came after Boris Johnson met with the chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel to hold talks about what his plans are with Brexit. The meeting seemingly went well with […]

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Brexit Headlines driving markets

21 August, 2019

Grace Rae

Over the last couple of days Sterling has remained steady at its current levels against its majors despite the release of the Prime Minister’s letter to Donald Tusk which proposes the European Council consider looking at “alternative arrangements” for the UK-Irish border. This was quickly responded to by the EU with basically little enthusiasm to […]

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No, no, no, yes?

19 August, 2019

Bradly Ronan

With the Brexit train going full steam ahead towards a No-Deal it seems all last minutes efforts to halt this is met with a grizzling defeat as seen with a few attempts in recent times. Last week we saw Jeremy Corbyn attempt to round up support to be placed in as a temporary caretaker PM. […]

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Catch 22

16 August, 2019

Sam Roberts

So this week we have seen the UK economy ‘shrink’ for a second-quarter in succession. Technically if the UK economy performs the same way for another quarter, we will formerly be in a recession for the first time since the 2008/2009 financial crisis. Boris Johnson (or rather the people behind Boris Johnson) have placed the […]

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Lack of Sterling Movement

14 August, 2019

Rob Bastin

Yesterday’s trading was a very flat day for the pound, having just experienced 14 weeks of declining exchange rates to take GBP/EUR rates to a 10 year low, and GBP/USD to a 34 year low. We have seen small signs in the markets that Sterling may now be ready to settle, and potentially see small […]

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How low can you go? Further losses for GBP as signs of recession add to Brexit woes.

12 August, 2019

Matthew Boyle

Last week was yet again another bad one for the Pound as on Friday we saw the UK quarterly GDP figure come in at -0.2%. Another negative quarterly figure and we are officially in recession – not good news for the Pound or the UK. This combined with the ongoing Brexit uncertainty saw GBP drop […]

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Sterling again lost ground against its major pairings

9 August, 2019

Simon Eastman

Yesterday sterling again lost ground against its major pairings as Boris Johnson announced he would hold a General Election in the “days after” leaving the EU at the end of October. The Financial Times reported this as Johnson commented on what would happen if he lost a confidence vote over his handling of Brexit. GBP/EUR […]

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Pound Crumbling under pressure

7 August, 2019

Luke Dyson

Pound sterling remains under pressure across the board with the European union now operating with the idea of a no-deal, after excepting Boris’s plans are not a bluff about a no-deal Brexit on the 31 of October. With a no-deal Brexit on the horizon, it appears to be the UK government’s “central /Only scenario” on […]

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Off to Brussels

5 August, 2019

Ashley Finill

It has been only 10 days since Boris Johnson was handed the keys for number 10 Downing street and already the talk is circulating around a possible no-deal Brexit which has had already had a negative affect on the Pound. With comments from Michael Gove last week and other members of Boris’s cabinet throughout the […]

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Warning: Sterling negative report ahead! The government now assumes a no-deal Brexit

2 August, 2019

Grace Rae

This past week has seen the Pound make big movements causing havoc for those looking to sell their Sterling but provided great opportunities for those looking to put Sterling back into their UK accounts. It all started way back when Theresa May stepped down from her position as Prime Minister and the leadership contest began. […]

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