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Stablity for the Pound

25 September, 2017

Nakhil Mahra

Friday’s trading Friday’s trading was relatively flat, apart from a 30 minute window where we saw the Pound drop 1/2 cent where Theresa May was giving her speech in Florence. Not much of a romance in Italy as the PM may have been hoping for. The main topics covered related to the future relationship between […]

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Lower borrowing leads to sterling improvements

22 September, 2017

Robin Haynes

Yesterday saw sterling improvements as the Pound recovered to the recent highs seen earlier in the week, after government borrowing figures for August were released and came in better than expected. Public borrowing was at its lowest August level since 2007, at £5.7bn, compared to forecasts of £6.5bn and figures of £7bn a year ago. […]

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Pound continues to surprise markets

21 September, 2017

Grace Rae

After a quiet beginning to the week the Pound continues to surprise the markets as we saw some positive data yesterday morning in the form of Augusts Retail Sales. The results came in strongly above expectations, up 0.4% month on month and up 1% Year on Year. The positive release has cause some speculation amongst […]

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Brexit Showdown

20 September, 2017

Ashley Finill

With the gains of last week coming to a halt Sterling lost around half a cent on the Euro throughout yesterday’s trading. We are still at 2 month highs on the Euro but this could be short lived, with Mark Carney being more coy on interest rate hikes on Monday the pound has seemingly pushed back […]

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Interest Rate Hike Speculation Fuels Pound Spike

19 September, 2017

Tom Arnold

Last week saw a surprising turnaround in the fortunes of sterling, seeing the Pound spike, with UK inflation coming out higher than anticipated, followed by the Bank of England policy statement, which included suggestions from a couple of MPC members that interest rate hikes might not be too far away, and QE could be tapered. […]

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Pound surges after Bank of England hint at interest rate hike

18 September, 2017

Matthew Boyle

Last week was a busy week which saw the Pound surge following an increase in UK inflation and as a result the Bank of England hint at interest rate hike in the UK. Last Tuesday saw UK inflation come in at 2.9% which was up from a predicated 2.8%. This then followed by the Bank […]

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Sterling exchange rates soar after Bank of England shock markets

15 September, 2017

Rob Bastin

Yesterday Sterling exchange rates enjoyed their best performance since back in April when GBP/EUR rates last hit 1.20. After a slippery morning with rates dropping around half a cent, Sterling received a much needed boost following the Bank of England’s latest interest decision. The markets had been expecting the BoE to hold all current policies […]

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Brexit Exchange Rates Latest

14 September, 2017

Paul Newfield

With the fourth round of negotiations postponed until the 25th September, Theresa May is set to travel to Florence. There she will give a speech on the 22nd September, which has been described by Guy Verhofstadt as “important intervention”. The speech will largely be about the UK’s future partnership with the EU, following Brexit in […]

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Brexit Talks – Pound Up

13 September, 2017

Grace Rae

The ‘Brexit Bill’ passed through parliament in the early hours of Tuesday morning following the vote. The bill signifies the formal end of Britain’s membership with the European Union and puts Theresa May’s plans to Brexit back on track. That being said, the prime minister is still under pressure having lost her majority in June’s […]

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Key economic data releases to test Sterling

12 September, 2017

Ashley Finill

Yesterday saw a continuation of sterling strength as it gained nearly half a cent on the Euro throughout the day’s trading. This has given the pound some much needed breathing space, however this could be short lived as this week see a flurry of key economic data releases to test Sterling of most coming out […]

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