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GBPEUR sees biggest drop in 2 years as Brexit uncertainty plays on

19 November, 2018

Matthew Boyle

Last week was a turbulent one for the currency markets. Following news of cabinet support for Theresa Mays Brexit plan, we saw rates spike to a 6-month high against the Euro. However, these highs were quickly eroded as resignation letters flew in and it became quickly apparent it was very unlikely to make it through […]

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Brexit deal crisis devastates the Pound

16 November, 2018

Tom Arnold

As has been widely reported yesterday was a devastating day on the UK financial markets, with stocks and the Pound taking a significant dive following the fallout from Theresa May’s hugely unpopular draft Brexit deal. Initially, the news that Theresa May had persuaded her cabinet, during a 5-hour meeting on Wednesday afternoon, to back her […]

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Big Brexit Wednesday as a Draft Deal is agreed with Brussels

15 November, 2018

Annabel Gorrie

Will there really be a deal this week? No, but there could be next week when the EU leaders meet for a summit which is set to happen on Sunday 25th November. May has told her ministers, some of whom are very sceptical about her version of Brexit that while the agreement may not be […]

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24 Hours Later

14 November, 2018

Paul Newfield

Sterling-euro climbed over a cent and nearly a cent-and-a-half against the USD, in part helped by ecostats showing that average earnings in the UK had reached 3.2%, up from the previous 3.1%, as news broke that a draft Brexit agreement will be put to Theresa May’s cabinet today with the aim of winning more support […]

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Critical 48 Hours ahead for the Pound, Cash or Bust?

13 November, 2018

Matthew Boyle

So far this week the Pound has managed to stay stable and in fact reverse some of the losses against the single currency, despite the ongoing uncertain backdrop. Last week saw the media report that we are 95% completed on a Brexit deal, and as such, the market reacted positively and pushed GBP>EUR rates to […]

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Pound Falls Back

12 November, 2018

Nakhil Mahra

After gaining over 2% in recent weeks, Friday proved to put the breaks on the recent gains made by the Pound seeing it lose 0.5% in the afternoon session. The recent Brexit positivity seemingly stopped in its traps by Jo Johnson. Jo, a keen remain voter, much the opposite of his brother Boris, who of […]

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Limited movement on currencies ahead of the Fed interest rate decision

9 November, 2018

Simon Eastman

Sterling/euro rates traded within a small range on Thursday as both currencies came under pressure – the euro from Italy’s downgraded growth forecast from the IMF and EU and the pound, which felt the pressure as Brexit deal hopes faded, with negotiations likely to now go on into December. With the next EU summit pencilled […]

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Rates improve following US mid term elections

8 November, 2018

Grace Rae

Yesterday the results from the US mid-term elections took centre stage over anything else. With split results, the US Democrats win control of the House of Representatives, capturing 219 of the 435 seats while the Republicans retained control in the Senate. These results are important for the US as a split Congress will ultimately slow […]

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Sterling rallies even further yesterday with more positive Brexit News

6 November, 2018

Annabel Gorrie

Sterling rallied further yesterday on reports that Britain was nearing a deal for leaving the EU and that an all-UK customs arrangement would be part of it. With talks still taking place just 5 months before Britain exits the EU, investors are growing anxious and sterling is moving sharply on any news of a possible […]

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Brexit rumours boost Sterling

5 November, 2018

Rob Bastin

Last week was a perfect example of how sensitive Sterling markets are to any developments with Brexit, be it fact or simple rumour. The week began with the Pound dropping lower for 2 days as the fear of a prolonged negotiation with an increased chance of no deal continued to weigh on Sterling exchange rates. At […]

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