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Pound ends 2015 with a whimper

31 December, 2015

Robin Haynes

After performing strongly throughout 2015 against many currencies, sterling is seeing out the year on the back foot, particularly against the Euro and US Dollar.

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Currency news as 2015 draws to a close

29 December, 2015

Ashley Finill

With the year drawing to a close there is very little data out in the last few days which will make a vast difference…

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Merry Christmas from Currency Index

24 December, 2015

Rob Bastin

Before we round up for the festive period there are just a couple of last data releases to report on from yesterday’s trading. Sterling enjoyed a…

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A strong Euro and a weak Pound

23 December, 2015

Grace Rae

As the markets have settled following last Wednesday’s interest rate announcement by the US FED, the rates haven’t seen much..

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Pound falls further amid retail worries

22 December, 2015

Robin Haynes

Sterling had another bad day yesterday, losing around a cent against both the Euro and US dollar, as a CBI survey showed that retailers are suffering a worse than expected Christmas period..

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Christmas is here

21 December, 2015

Tom Arnold

For the last few weeks, and in fact months, the currency markets have been dominated by the will they, won’t they speculation as to whether the Federal Reserve in the US were going to raise interest rates in the wake of…

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Concerns for GBP EUR after FED announcement

18 December, 2015

Matthew Boyle

Yesterday was a fairly strange day following what was a hugely anticipated FED announcement about a US interest rate hike Thursday evening. Despite the FED increasing the…

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Fed announce interest rate rise

17 December, 2015

Ashley Finill

Last night saw the expected result for the FED in the US to raise interest rates which has ended a near decade low. The US interest rate have been near to 0% for the past 7 years and last night was increased by..

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All eyes on the FED

16 December, 2015

Rob Bastin

At last the 16th December is upon us, and one of the most eagerly awaited announcements for a long time will be made tonight at 7pm by the Federal Reserve.

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Euro Rally Continues

15 December, 2015

Simon Eastman

As the week started with a lack of any major data releases it was left to investor sentiment to influence trading on Monday.

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