Sterling starts the week down from the highs of last week

16 November, 2020

Nakhil Mahra

Sterling starts the week down from the highs of last week but still better then where we were a month ago. The feel good and positivity still being felt in the market…for now.

Brexit talks are back underway and seemingly both parties are now closer than ever before on reaching a deal, the major obstacle still being on fishing rights, the UK wants to keep half but the EU is angling for more. With talks in Brussels commencing today, stay in touch with your account manager for any key break throughs.

With Brexit only six weeks away now, any new offers placed on new properties now will most likely complete in a ‘post-Brexit’ world, how will these completions be impacted and will you be affected by the ’90 day rule’? At Currency Index we want to provide you a bespoke service and answer any questions you may have to make your purchase journey as smooth and bump free as possible. We partner with professionals who specialise on all things property so please do reach out with any questions, all information is good information and even better when free.

Brexit will of course impact businesses too, if you import or export to the EU, have you looked into how your payments may be affected, have Brexit proofed your business? Speak to your dedicated consultant to stay ahead and discuss your options.

Over the weekend, rumours started circulating about the next general election and who may be the best challenger to Boris, who is the best candidate in the Tory party to take over from Boris, all eyes pointed towards Rishi Sunak. Arguably the one MP who was shined through this pandemic and risen through the ranks. His calm, clear and direct approach has catapulted him as a front runner, his furlough scheme and bounce back loans helping keep as many people in employment and many businesses still running. What will be interesting to see is how all that is paid for, with early indications pointing to tax increases. How Rishi handles the next 18 months will be key to his potential running as PM.

With a key week ahead and six key weeks to follow, why not pick up the phone and call your currency consultant to be well informed.