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Sterling in freefall with no respite in sight

13 March, 2020

Ashley Finill

This week we have seen another nightmare week for sterling as the Pound has lost just over 3 cents on the majors due to the current economic crisis due to the coronavirus spreading across the globe at an alarming rate. All economies throughout the world are being hit damaging stocks and shares with Sterling taking […]

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UK Budget 2020

11 March, 2020

Grace Rae

So far this week we have seen the Pound sitting at the lower end of its recent trading range with increasing fears it could weaken further amidst the growing concerns over coronavirus, the potential of more economic slowdown and the ongoing trade negotiations with the EU. All areas point to more added pressure on our currency. […]

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Worthy competitor found for Brexit news domination

9 March, 2020

Paul Newfield

Last week saw the economic and political worlds further gripped by continued Covid 19 panic; world markets have tumbled and in terms of the pound, particularly against the euro, we are now trading at levels last seen back in mid-october last year. Coronavirus seems to be the most unwelcome distraction from Brexit talks with the […]

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The Pound has been quite volatile due to developing trade negotiation mandate

6 March, 2020

Maksim Tichonov

Last week, the pound has been quite volatile due to developing trade negotiation mandate and we saw advancement on euro as well as the dollar. Unfortunately, a statement made by the prime minister suggested no key developments and a higher risk of a no-deal come December, therefore despite the bounce last week Sterling has lost […]

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Cliff edge sell for Sterling over the last week

4 March, 2020

Rob Bastin

After a cliff edge sell for Sterling over the last week, exchange took a much needed pause during yesterday’s session with rates finishing the day much where they started off. The morning started with some UK PMI data to digest, which provided a welcome surprise in the Construction sector with a growth reading of 52.6 […]

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Busy week ahead, lots of key data from around the world!

2 March, 2020

Tom Arnold

Last week was painful for the Pound after the recent highs, as Brexit once again came to the fore. Both the UK and EU set out their negotiating positions and it came as no real surprise that the UK is opting for a very aggressive stance, and threatening a “No Deal” outcome as soon as […]

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EU want some? Pound down as UK posed for potential No deal Brexit

28 February, 2020

Matthew Boyle

Yesterday saw a continuation of the Pound being sold off in a week where concerns for a No Deal Brexit again raised its head. Whilst Boris Johnson released his mandate to UK trade negotiators, Michael Gove addressed parliament, and both reiterated the stance that the UK would be prepared to end negotiations with the EU […]

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EU’s general affairs council agreeing a trade negotiation mandate

26 February, 2020

Luke Dyson

Following the EU’s general affairs council agreeing a trade negotiation mandate yesterday afternoon Pound sterling rallied back to the top end of the current market for the euro and dollar, with both nearly jumping a cent. As stated by the EU they now have a “reference point” agreed in which Michael Barnier can take forward […]

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Barnier still trying to throw a spanner in the works

24 February, 2020

Paul Newfield

Last week saw the pound deviate by as much as a cent-and-a-half against both the euro and US dollar before settling in the middle ground over the weekend. A lot of positive UK data (retail sales and house prices in particular) coupled with knock backs on talks with the EU seem to be the main […]

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Important data releases dictate Sterlings movements

21 February, 2020

Ashley Finill

It’s been another volatile week in the currency market largely being driven by various data releases across the globe. The UK posted both CPI and retail figures earlier this week which both came in much better than expected. Inflation figures posted at 1.8% which is a great deal closer to the Bank of England’s target […]

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