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Once, Twice, Three Times Theresa

5 April, 2019

Samuel Roberts

The Governor of The Bank of England Mark Carney’s words still ring in the ears of many British Citizens and colleagues in the Financial Industry. ‘The risk of Britain stumbling into a “disorderly” no-deal Brexit is now “alarmingly high’. We all know how we got here, through a blend of indecision, hidden agendas and plain, […]

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No Deal Brexit A Growing Concern

4 April, 2019

Simon Eastman

Tuesday night saw the pound increase after reports Theresa May would meet with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, to try and see if cross party talks could save Brexit. As a result we came in yesterday to rates up nearly a cent from the day before. This rally was short lived as Markit services PMI was […]

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Mays announcement sees Pound strengthen

3 April, 2019

The pound is trading higher across the board this morning following Theresa Mays announcement that she is prepared to engage in cross-party talks to reach a consensus on a Brexit deal, in order to find a majority in the House of commons. As a result, the Pound has gained strength, as it is more likely […]

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Another round of Brexit votes

2 April, 2019

Nakhil Mahra

We should have been out of the EU already, one way or another, but here we are 2nd April with another round of votes just concluded. Last night, the MPs voted on four alternative options. • Customs union • Common Market 2.0 • Confirmatory public vote • Parliamentary supremacy 3 of them seeing us stay […]

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Pound resilient despite continued uncertainty

1 April, 2019

Robin Haynes

It hasn’t been an easy few weeks for anyone sending payments abroad – we were supposed to have left the EU on Friday last week, but there is still no clarity on how, if, or when it will happen. The Pound has been run ragged with the constant changes in likely outcomes but has held […]

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We’re Out… or Not

29 March, 2019

Nakhil Mahra

Today was the day the UK was planning to leave the EU, but we are still no clearer as to what direction we are heading into. With many discussions had and no clear majority on a single option. Another day, more Brexit confusion. After the announcement that Theresa May will be resigning if her deal […]

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May or other way

28 March, 2019

Maksim Tichonov

In recent news, MP’s have announced that they support May’s decision to resign, for fear of no escape entirely further supported by former secretary Boris Johnson. The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) has made a stance against the current Brexit deal and therefore the chances of Thresa May getting her deal through parliament is highly unlikely. […]

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Parliamentary vote on alternatives to Brexit

27 March, 2019

Grace Rae

Today rates are likely to continue to be volatile as Brexit developments remain unclear. As the PM’s deal has not been well received twice now, and as the Speaker has advised substantial changes be made to her deal before she can present it to the house again, the Commons will today vote on alternative options […]

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Parliament to grater take control over Brexit conclusion

26 March, 2019

Rob Bastin

As March comes to its end, so too does the 2 year stop clock for Article 50. With data few and far between at this time of the month, the focus is fully on the last minute developments on Brexit which are now moving at an increasing pace. Having agreed to conditional extensions with the […]

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Chequers success or check-mate for May

25 March, 2019

Paul Newfield

Despite being a day with very limited UK data, Friday saw the pound climb slightly more than the two cents it lost during Thursday’s trading, with levels back up to the highs of the start of last week. This was largely due to poor data across the board from Europe, with Markit PMI, services and […]

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