Sterling holds its ground following new Covid-19 restrictions

23 September, 2020

Grace Smyth

Grace RaeWe saw rates drop at the beginning of the week over fears of a new nationwide lockdown, and the possibility of negative interest rates in 2021. Now we are mid-week with news that infection rates are surging in the UK and the Prime Minister made fresh Covid-19 restrictions which has been warned could last 6 months. Although no full scale lockdown was announced, investors continue to worry about the effect this will have for the already struggling UK economy, and overall the Pound had not fared well against its counterparts.

Although the pandemic has taken over new reports in recent weeks and months, its effect on the slowing economy is not the only looming event causing major concern.

The UK and EU are now in its closing weeks of negotiation ahead of the EU summit on the 15th October by which the UK wants a deal agreed. Talks are taking place in Brussels this week as both sides continue to work out how the relationship will look moving forward. Having no clear answer this close to the line is worrying as it could mean the UK ends the transition period without a deal. In this event the Pound is likely to be hard hit.

Given the current climate we could have expected rates to drop further against its majors following yesterday’s news however in the back ground it appears that Andrew Bailey – the Bank of England Governor, had made comments which seems to have toned down the prospect of negative interest rates in the future. (which had caused a stir for rates last week) Could these comments have helped the Pound remain fairly steady?

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