Brexit talks continue at Downing Street as the deadline looms

12 October, 2018

Grace Rae

Grace RaeYesterday evening a few key ministers gathered at Number 10 to meet with the PM to discuss crucial Brexit talks as the deadline looms closer. They will be needing to finalise their deal offer ahead of the final EU summit in November, however, there is still plenty to iron out. There were no big headlines following the meeting, so it could be a sign that no new decisions have been made. The issues regarding the DUP’s unhappiness over the backstop agreement is still in play, with the party suggesting a revolt when they said they will stop supporting the government if they are not happy with the final outcome.

Earlier in the week, the Pound made some good headway against the Euro and Dollar providing better trading levels than we have seen for some time now, however it was warned that this improvement was not to be confused as a new upward trend as the markets are still heavily influenced by Brexit talks. Those who had taken the opportunity to exchange their funds should be pleased as the markets saw some reversals yesterday in anticipation to further talks as the final meetings quickly approach.

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Today there is no eco data set for the UK and only Industrial Production for the Eurozone. The day is largely dominated by US stats in the afternoon with various speeches from Fed members and the monthly budget statement, so for those with a Dollar requirement, it could be worth keeping in touch with us here at CI to check in on any movements.