More Negative Banking News

28 July, 2011


Another day, another bank needing extra funding. Today HSBC announced they are looking to raise £12.5bn from shareholders through rights issue in the UK.

This was announced after HSBC revealed pre tax profits for 2008 of £6.5bn. Unfortunately for the London stock market this was down 62% on the previous year. HSBC are looking at reducing their presence in North America after they recorded a $15.5bn loss, mainly due to the US sub-prime market.

Just when everyone thought HSBC had finished they announced 6,100 job cuts in America as well.

The European Monetary Union announced an improvement in the Consumer Price Index from 1.1% up to 1.2%. The earlier consensus was a slight drop between 0.9%-1.0% so an early rally for the Euro this morning against Sterling.

Both the Bank of England and the European Central Bank are predicted to lower their rates to 0.5% and 1.5% respectively.

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