Theresa, May this be your last chance?

22 May, 2019

Bradly Ronan

Mrs May said in her speech yesterday at 16:00 that this will be the last chance to leave with an arrangement in place. If this fails then we risk the chance of a no deal, general election or a second referendum.

The new bill will involve some very Labour sided bolt-ons to her previous deal such as; environmental protections and workers rights with new guarantees added.

And as always in the hilt of the sword, we see heavier protections around the Irish backstop and promises for if the backstop would fall into play such as greater relationships between northern Ireland and Irelands trade and movement.

Quote saying in regards to a Customs Union there will be a “compromise”, but what is this compromise? Mrs May is trying to thumb through a “Temporary Customs Union” in place acting as a door stop for the successor of her to pick up her shattered attempt of negotiations.

Since the talk yesterday there has since been outrage within her own party as senior Tory members have asked party bosses to change the ruling to allow a vote of no confidence. The markets seen to factor this in as the markets have since dropped half a cent putting us at the lowest point we have seen since February. To add salt in the wound labours shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer said that the deal presented was “too weak”.

So, MPs will have one last chance to vote Mays deal through for the 4th time but will there be enough changes to win over parliament? Stay in touch with your account manager to see what the mood is looking like and take advantage of any situation.

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At 9:30 we see the CPI release along with a 24-hour late release of the inflation report hearings. It was delayed the release by 24 hours due to source rescheduling.