UK Consumer Confidence on the rise

28 July, 2011


UK consumer confidence has risen slightly in November, especially in the “personal financial situation” and “major purchases” sections of the Consumer Confidence Barometer, which will have a positive effect on the pound.

Meanwhile, Eurostat, the EU’s statistics office has, announced unemployment in the Eurozone went up to 7.7% during October and also inflation in the eurozone fell to 2.1% in November. The steep fall in inflation and the rise in the jobless rate could spark the European Central Bank to cut interest rates sharply. After last month’s reduction of 0.5% ECB president Jean-Claude Trichet announced that further cuts could not be ruled out, and experts have predicted the interest rate could be cut by up to 1% when announced on Thursday.

Speculation on further interest rate cuts has been good news for Euro exchange rates, which have at last improved slightly after sterling’s recent dramatic decline. For those of you buying property overseas, and therefore needing to make transfers of money to France, Spain or elsewhere in Europe, this could provide an opportunity to secure your currency at better levels. Keep in touch with a foreign currency exchange broker to make the most of these volatile markets.